Some students taking part in a workshop

The purpose of the Skills Chart produced by the Live Skills project is to interpret, identify and document trends and skills needs in the areas of Arts Management, Digital and New Technologies and Cultural Entrepreneurship, for professions related to the Audiovisual (AV) and Live performances (LP) sub-sectors of the creative industries. The skills identified are relevant to business and entrepreneurship, and necessary for AV and LP professionals to understand and respond to new trends in the market to understand new working regulations in their respective professions. Of equal importance are digital skills in real work conditions.

In Bulgaria, the skills listed below were identified as being in short supply despite there being a high market demand for professional competency in these areas.

In this video, you can find out what teachers, learners and professionals in Plovdiv National High School of Stage and Film Design say about the different skills they need. 

Skills gaps in Arts Management

  • project management 
  • arts financial management
  • international and intercultural arts management
  • self management
  • marketing and audience development 

Skills gaps in Digital and New Technologies

  • digital art and design skills
  • social media and platforms
  • digital marketing
  • Intellectual property and piracy protection
  • Sound and lighting equipment and controls

Skills gaps in Cultural Entrepreneurship

  • idea generation and creativity
  • new business models 
  • working with others 
  • planning and management skills
  • negotiation skills