The Live Skills Final Report summarises the research on trends and needs in entrepreneurial and digital skills in the audiovisual (AV) and live performance (LP) subsectors.

This report includes four country specific sections analysing the findings from country specific interviews, focus groups and online surveys. 

The results show that the creative and cultural industries can galvanise development of the local and national economy, but they have been significantly affected by the crisis and consequent state budget cuts. The impact has been more intense in Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania than in the UK, where the industry is totally integrated into the market economy and holds a significant share of the economic activity.

The final report also presents state of the-art training and learning methodologies for the AV & LP sectors in the participating countries; making key recommendations for education and VET providers, policy makers and other stakeholders involved in training and qualifications for the sector.

Some radical structural changes are occurring in the cultural and creative industries; including the birth of new small enterprises, self-employed practitioners and collaborative schemes, a rapid digitalization of the sector, new forms of artistic and creative expression, to name a few. All these transformations in the sector impose the development of t-shaped skills of professionals, in particular of entrepreneurial and digital skills, already identified by our research.