Do you want to learn more about formal and/or informal learning initiatives around Europe from the Cultural and Creative Sectors? Are you eager to develop your own ideas?

Then these publications will be of interest to you.

Collection of practices - Live Skills

Download the Collection of practices that was put together by Live Skills and gain insight on previous or ongoing practices run by cultural and educational institutions or stakeholders around Europe. These include, among others, cross-country collaborations for skills development, local and regional cultural initiatives, training programmes for arts’ professionals but also networking hubs and research data from the Audiovisual and Live Performance as well as the wider Creative and Cultural sectors. 

Being a non-exhaustive snapshot of existing initiatives, this publication aims at increasing the availability of interesting examples that can inspire policy makers, governmental agencies, businesses and employers, education providers, and any other stakeholders in the AV and LP sectors.

Live Skills project in EUNIC report

The European ‘Houses’ of Culture baseline mapping report produced by EUNIC, focuses on identifying relevant types that serve the objectives of this project. In other words: it serves as inspiration for future collaboration projects

The mapping includes a typology of the projects featured covering eleven types of collaboration, including amongst others residency programmes, competitions and awards, and trainings and capacity building projects. The typology is illustrated by a number of examples. Live Skills project is very proud to be included in the report as an example in the ‘Training and capacity building’ category of projects.

Download the report to know more! 

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