The Romanian partners Culture & Mass Media Federation FAIR - MediaSind and National Institute for Cultural Research and Training (NIRCT) will hold seminars related to the research and learning programmes.

The first pilot was delivered by FAIR - MediaSind on 25-28 of August in Costinesti. The next planned dates are the 28th of October and the 11th of November 2019 when the seminars will take place in the British Council offices in Bucharest. You can find the agenda of the seminars here.
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NIRCT will deliver the seminars from September to December 2019. The alternative piloting presentation will take place over a total of 8 hours and will include the use of Blended Learning techniques that will set up the pace for the collective and individual learning pathways. For the alternative pilot programme, NIRCT identified students from vocational universities and professionals in the field of culture to be involved. The first seminar was organized on September 16 for professionals, on "Alternative piloting. New digital technologies”. The interest was focused on the Digital Marketing, Branding and Social Media sectors. Two more seminars also took place during September, on Arts Management and Cultural Entrepreneurship.
For more information: T: (+40) 021 891 91 03, M: (+40) 0725 579 069, 


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