Photo by Roger Harris

 Going Global with Live Skills!

Each year the British Council organises the Going Global conference - and it’s one of the biggest events in the calendar for leaders in international education on the “Future of Further and Higher Education”.

In May 2019 Going Global was held in Berlin, where over 950 leaders from over 85 countries participated in the conference – and I was delighted that they all had the opportunity to learn more about our project thanks to Dr Dimitrios Giakoulas, (Political scientist with IME - GSEVEE Live Skills partners) who successfully submitted a poster we co-authored on Live skills.

The poster (which can be downloaded here) showcases some of the highlights from the research stage of the project, and explains how this research has been translated into the collaborative development of three curricula.

“It was my first time at Going Global and it was such a positive experience, from making connections with new colleagues from across the world who visited the poster, through to the thought-provoking talks and presentations. One of the main take home messages for me on Live Skills was that the need for training and support to enhance creative skills remains a real priority. There was also a real interest in how we are using research as an evidence base to pilot the innovative curricula.  More widely it was wonderful to have the opportunity to; interact, learn and exchange ideas with VET experts, college leaders and policy makers from across the world -the conference really does live up to its name – Going Global!”
Rebecca Davies, Head of Cultural Skills EU region – British Council