In Bulgaria, Plovdiv - National High School of Stage and Film Design (Plovdiv) is the Live Skills partner who offered the courses in two pilot rounds for interested learners. To find out more about the College follow the link given at the end of the page.

Starting March 2019 Plovdiv School succesfully implemented the Arts ManagementCultural Entrepreneurship and Digital & New Technologies courses in a first round of the pilots.
The second round of the pilots was completed in December 2019.

Each course consisted of different modules (subjects) and units (content).
You can find out about each of them here:

Arts Management

Module 1: Financial Management 1.1 Cost Management
1.2 Understanding financial statements
1.3 Improving financial performance
Module 2: Project Management

2.1 Project Management process
2.2 Project plan/schedule
2.3 Project Management tools

Module 3: Marketing and Communication 3.1 Understanding your audience/customers
3.2 Promotion
3.3 Communication
Module 4: Legal Management 4.1 Intellectual Property
4.2 Legal Regulations
4.3 Contracts

Cultural Entrepreneurship

Module 1: Innovation 1.1 Theories of Innovation
1.2 Identification of innovation fields and creation of new opportunities
1.3 Concept of Innovation: Theoretical and practical approach
Module 2: Creativity

2.1 Aspects of Creativity
2.2 Human Resources Management andorganisational development
2.3 Creative cooperation, teamwork building and social networking

Module 3: Strategy

3.1 Leadership Theories and Models
3.2 How to develop a vision statement for an organisation/company
3.3 Crisis Management Theories and Techniques

Module 4: Business Models

4.1 Creating a Business plan
4.2 Financial and economic aspects of Business models
4.3 Fundraising theorues & social entrepreneurship

Digital & New Technologies

Module 1: Introduction to Creative Media Software 1.1 Camera and Editing Techniques
1.2 Recording and Editing Audio
1.3 Photography and Image Technique
1.4 Mitigation of the effects of piracy
Module 2: Digital & Art Design 2.1 Digital and Graphic Design Principals
2.2 Digital design of printed materials
2.3 Digital Design of materials for web and social media
2.4 Using knowledge of copyrighting and related rights & laws in a project
Module 3: Digital Marketing 3.1 Digital marketing techniques and appropriate methods in a digital marketing campaign
3.2 harnessing social media to sell your product or service
3.3 developing a personal brand
3.4 Building an overview of copyright ans related rights and laws for social media

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